I’m a psychologist, but Hugh is a magician. If you get the opportunity to work with him, first give thanks to some lucky star that steered you to him, and then immediately claim his time. Hugh is truly incredible and incredible to work with.
— Dr. Peter Druian, Psychotherapist
The images Hugh produced were exceptional, beyond my expectations. He was prompt, amicable, and a real pleasure doing business with. I look forward to working with Hugh again in another project in the near future.
— Alex Ojeda, Owner, Firefly Studios
Everyone he filmed was unanimous in their regard for his professionalism and ability to put people at ease in front of the camera. With a background in photography myself, I could not be more pleased with our new agency and video.
— Karen M. Smith, Marketing & Communications, North Light Community Center
Hugh and Claudia are a dynamic team of professional story-tellers whose ability to work from high level concepts to detailed story boards, professional shoots, and post-production have made them top members of our community. Their creativity and eye for beauty were well received by a national audience, and to work with them was simply a pleasure. I look forward to seeing what they will do next
— Amanda Clark, Community Manager, whadif
What a professional, creative, friendly, nice, AWESOME group of people! Our video came out so fabulously that I plan to use it as a promotional marketing tool for many years to come. The finished product is a thing of beauty. If you need to tell a story and want to raise the bar, be sure to call him!
— Missy Horrow, Education Director, Main Line Reform Temple Early Childhood Education
‪”Hugh is a man of many talents. In my experience, he is unique in his ability to ally his corporate skill and discipline using the Internet as one kind of tool to his passions for filmmaking, photography and entertainment — and then couple it to a great gift for narrative writing. His scripts and treatments are exciting and challenging — and there is no subject matter from the everyday to the high flown that he cannot bring to life with wit and intelligence. I would love to collaborate more with him! Anyone out there who wants their story realised in an imaginative and stimulating fashion should team up with him immediately.”‬
— Christopher Swann, BAFTA and Emmy Award-Winning Director
Combining his business background, aesthetic sense and camera skills, Hugh did a great job helping me to clarify and capture the message I was trying to convey. He was a pleasure to work with. and I am very pleased with the final outcome. I’ve had several compliments from people who’ve recently checked out my LinkedIn page. It’s easy to recommend Hugh if you’re looking for a quality photographer to help your create your online business image.
— Richard Marcus, Ph.D., Business Psychologist
Hugh is not your ordinary photographer. When I saw the photos he took of me I was blown away. His ability to capture the essence of who I am is testimony of not only his skills, but the artist he is. Even better, he made the whole process effortless. Truly an expert at his craft.
— Wendy Merron, Partner, Center of Success
Hugh was highly recommended to me and totally exceeded my expectations. The end result was many great photos to choose from and for someone who does not consider herself very photogenic, that is amazing. I could not say enough about them and have personally recommended them to my friends and colleagues
— Margie Boutcher, IT Executive