Ever hear the one about the three blind men and an elephant?

Three blind men come across an elephant.  The first man happens upon its leg, and concludes it’s a tree. The second man bumps into its trunk, and concludes it’s a snake.  The last blind man feels its tail, and concludes it’s a broom.

Moral of the story? One person's subjective truth may not be another's truth, let alone the whole truth or even any part of the truth.

(there's a whole lot more to this story, but you get the idea).

As strategists, filmmakers, photographers, and writers, THIS is the motivating force behind all of the work we do at Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions: we work with our clients to get to essential truths that resonate with their target audiences.


We write, direct, shoot, score, and edit web-centric films.  We do photo shoots.  We write copy, white papers, blog posts, and profiles.  

If it's about telling stories, it's in our wheelhouse.