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There’s a reason why photographers from Henrí Cartier-Bresson to Robert Frank, Stanley Kubrick and others tried their hands at film making — and why so few stuck with it. It’s the same reason some filmmakers (most notably Oskar Barnack, inventor of the Leica) chose photography instead. Filmmaking is MUCH more complicated than photography - and a LOT more work. 

But the digital era and the rise of YouTube have profoundly altered the equation, the rewards of making motion pictures are extraordinary — and photographers have a head start on everyone else.

If you want to learn about camera and lens selection for video, audio, lighting, dynamic camera movement, scripting, being in front of the camera instead of behind it, working with a second shooter, editing, music selection, how to leverage social media, the economics of YouTubeing and  – most importantly – finding your unique voice and your “tribe” in an ever-more crowded space, this workshop is for you.

Join us for two-days in New York City where you will actually shoot, edit and post a video to YouTube - and launch your foray into the world of “content creation.”



Hugh fell in love with photography the moment he held a Kodachrome slide up to the light for the very first time. He was 7. He built his first darkroom by the age of 12. Worked in a camera store by the age of 14. By 16, he was running the photography program at a summer camp in Maine. But life has a way of intruding, and Hugh’s path into adulthood was academia, the corporate world and start-ups.

Fortunate enough to retire early, he rediscovered photography, added screenwriting and filmmaking - and has embraced the power of YouTube and Instagram. His love for and knowledge of the art are clear; his enthusiasm, infectious.


March 25-27, 2019


We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of Hasselblad and the use of their New York Experience Studio in NoHo, Manhattan.

632 Broadway Floor 2, New York, NY 10012



Space is limited and booking travel ahead of time is usually more economical, so we encourage you to sign up early.

Early Bird & Other Specials:

  • $1,350 if you book by February 22nd (10% off): use discount code EARLY BIRD at checkout.

  • Thanks to the good folks at Pod Brooklyn (our go-to hotel when we visit New York) attendees are entitled to a 5% discount - just email us once you’ve signed up, and we’ll send you the code to use when booking through their web site!

  • Thanks to our friend Charlie at citizenM (a brand new go-to for us when we want to be in Manhattan proper), attendees are entitled to a 15% discount - just email us once you’ve signed up, and we’ll send you the code to use when booking through their web site!

  • We can’t tell you the details yet (shhh!), but we will have some VERY interesting gear for you to play with as well.


Lunch will be served on site at the Experience Studio Monday and Tuesday, with plenty of coffee and water!

Travel & accommodations not included.

We look forward to seeing you!

WE ARE SOLD OUT! If you’d like to know when we’ll offer out next workshop, please sign up here:

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