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“One of the most emotionally beneficial experiences in my life.”

”Convivial, encouraging and had depth from approach to editing and composition… I discovered my “why” as to my motivation for enjoying the photographic process.”


“An unexpected bonding experience.”

”A privilege and an honor to roam the streets of lower Manhattan in such good company. What a group! What an experience! What a life! “

”We absolutely loved being there.”

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Hugh is a writer, photographer, filmmaker and YouTuber. With his wife Claudia, he produces the YouTube channel Three Blind Men & An Elephant. There are more than 300 videos on gear & conversations with people like legendary Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt; Director of the Henrí Cartier-Bresson Foundation Agnès Sire; ICP Executive Director Mark Lubell; Blackmagic Americas President Dan May; Cooke Optics Chairman Les Zellan; and Etheleen Staley, co-founder of Staley-Wise Gallery.

He has written extensively for planet5D, Luminous Landscape and DIY Photography. In addition to his YouTube channel, you’ll find his videos at The Valuable Friends.

Hugh fell in love with photography the moment he held a Kodachrome slide up to the light for the very first time. He built his first darkroom by the age of 12; worked in a camera store by the age of 14; ran a summer camp photography program by 16; taught a section in Cornell’s Psychology department (“The Interface between Psychology and Photography”) by 21.

His love for and knowledge of the art are clear; his enthusiasm, infectious.

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Claudia is the other half of the husband and wife team that is Three Blind Men & An Elephant. She’s a photographer, gimbal operator, camera operator, audio tech, location scout, and often the co-director or co-producer of Three Blind Men & An Elephant productions. And that’s in her spare time.

She holds the record for lone gimbal operator walking backwards through the lower East Side of New York (40 minutes) as well as the record for continuous recording of a Photokina interview hand-held without moving (11 minutes).

Her favorite photography moment of all time? The moment @ElliottErwitt “liked” her Instagram post of a photograph she took, inspired by his work. If you’ve read this far, you’ve already seen a cropped version of it above.

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October 20-23, 2019


We are once again incredibly fortunate to have the support of Hasselblad and the use of their New York Experience Studio in NoHo, Manhattan.

632 Broadway Floor 2, New York, NY 10012



Space is limited and booking travel ahead of time is usually more economical, so we encourage you to sign up early.

Early Bird & Other Specials:

  • $1,350 if you book by August 15th (10% off): use discount code HXDLAFZ at checkout.

  • $1,275 for attendees of either of our previous workshops (15% off); we will send you the discount code when you email us.

  • Thanks to the good folks at Pod Brooklyn (our go-to hotel when we travel to New York City by car) attendees are entitled to a 5% discount - just email us once you’ve signed up, and we’ll send you the code to use when booking through their web site!

  • Thanks to our friend Charlie at citizenM (our go-to for us when we want to be in Manhattan proper), attendees are entitled to a 15% discount - just email us once you’ve signed up, and we’ll send you the code to use when booking through their web site!

  • We can’t tell you the details yet (shhh!), but we will have some VERY interesting gear for you to play with as well.


We’ll start at 3:00PM on the 20th; start time on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd will be 9:00AM; stop will be 5:00pm on the 21st and 22nd; 200pm the official close on the 23rd for those needing travel time..

Lunch will be served on site at the Experience Studio Monday and Tuesday, with plenty of coffee and water.

Group dinner October 22nd on us!

Travel & accommodations not included.

We look forward to seeing you!

Streets of New York
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