Why You Want Video in Your Marketing Mix

Here's a nice crisp post about how video can make a huge, quantitative difference to your online marketing efforts.

A few highlights:

1. Website: Boost Information Retention and Purchase Intention...Prospects retain a lot more information from videos than from text-based content—95% to 10%, respectively

2. Landing Pages: Boost Conversions...Video can increase conversion rates by 80%, and one company even saw a 492% increase in conversion rates after adding video to their product pages

 3. Emails: Drive More Click-Throughs...Adding video to an email increases click-throughs by 200–300%, according to Forrester.


Both of Our Entries are Finalists in the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show's "Lights, Camera Bloom!" Short Film Competition

It was a lark, really: Claudia saw the announcement and said "we should do this!"  The competition's theme was "What is beauty?" so we had to think about that for a bit.

We did a preliminary location scout at Chanticleer, but they were just closing for the season the day we went in.

Kind of tough to do a short in a competition with the word "bloom" in it at the end of November!

It was time for plan B.

But before we could execute plan B, we really had to come back to what we thought about beauty.  For each of us, the answer came surprisingly quickly.

Claudia finds beauty in the imperfect - it's one of the many things that is delightful about her.

For me, beauty is nothing objective, but rather a choice: beauty is where you choose to see it, perhaps where you allow yourself to see it.  In this way, beauty becomes bilateral: it's not just what you see or hear, it's what you choose to bring to it.

Once again, Claudia was the main driver of our project, but Tom Hartmann weighed in as well.

Tom suggested a couple of locations in Fishtown and Northern Liberties, so we packed up our gear and joined him there.  We decided to challenge ourselves by going simple -- after all, we were already of a mind that beauty is where you choose to see it and in imperfect things -- so we limited ourselves to a Canon Rebel SL1 with a couple of their STM lenses, while Claudia went even further, limiting herself to the camera on my iPhone!

The next day,  Claudia directed us to Bartram's Garden (I'd never heard of it before), and we got the rest of our shots.

Well, not quite: the NEXT day, we went out together and I took some additional footage (again, on the iPhone 6, with NO auxiliary anything -- it was all shot hand-held, too) next door at home!

Then it was into the edit suite to pull together what we had.  Claudia selected music that couldn't have fit more perfectly for what eventually became IMPERFECT THINGS, while I asked local musician, music teacher and friend John F. Short III to record an acoustic guitar performance for what became WHERE YOU CHOOSE TO SEE IT.

Three nights ago, Claudia and I joined members of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society, and students at Temple University for a screening of the finalists, and I'd be lying if I wrote it wasn't exciting to see our work projected onto a 30' screen.

And when you see your work on something that big, MAN, do you see what you'll do better next time!

Special thanks especially to Joan Bressler and the rest of the great crew at GPFO.



A small contribution feels big

We love our client -- and friends at -- North Light Community Center, so we were happy to film the construction of their new playground earlier this week.   

It was just icing on the cake to meet a second film crew working for GlaxoSmithKline (over one hundred GSK volunteers showed up to donate their time and they WORKED).  We instantly bonded with the film crew, and happily shared our time lapse footage with them.  They took our small contribution and edited it into a truly wonderful final product including amazing aerial shots by their team.

It was a great day for all concerned.  Great cause, great people and great new friends.

MAN, do we love filmmaking!

"Consumers Crave Videos, But Brands Aren't Creating Them"

Want to quantify the squandered opportunity to reach your audience by NOT making video a priority in your marketing mix?  Want to understand the social impact of videos, or the video impact on social?

The folks over at OnlineVideo.net bring news of a report from Levels Beyond which does exactly that.  Here are just a few tidbits taken from the larger report:

  • 51% of millennials would rather watch a video than read text.
  • 42% of consumers like companies to share video online.
  • 61% of viewers are more likely to watch brand videos that have been shared by friends.

Here's the post at OnlineVideo.net.