Ever hear the one about three blind men and an elephant?

Three blind men come across an elephant.  The first man happens upon its leg, and concludes it’s a tree. The second man bumps into its trunk, and concludes it’s a snake.  The last blind man feels its tail, and concludes it’s a broom.

In some variants, the men stop arguing and start listening to each other.  They work together to see the big picture  -- it's an elephant (!).  Sometimes they don't -- and although the parable is silent on this point, they'll probably get stepped on before they realize it's an elephant.  Some add a sighted man walking by and recognizing the elephant immediately, which leads the blind men to realize an even bigger picture... they're blind. 

You get the idea: one person's subjective truth may not be another's truth, let alone the whole truth or any part of the truth.  And there are many ways to handle this fact.

THIS is the motivating force behind all of the visual narrative work we do here at Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions.  We collaborate with our clients in the art of visual storytelling -- film, stills, words -- to get to essential truths that resonate with their target audiences.

And our aim is to do it  with authenticity, humanity and wit.